Privacy Policy

Fast Homes Shifting is a web platform connecting various packers and movers companies with you in just one click. And for this, we require your details. Now when it comes to the privacy policy, our policy keeps changing from time to time due to various new updated rules. So, we want our customers to take note of this.

As you get in touch with us via website or offline measure, we always ask your details so that we can get an idea where the things need to be relocated. This is the very first step that all organizations do.

Our Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy include:

1. Secured personal details - As the user log in to our website all its information is gathered by us. But that does not mean that your data will be leaked by us. We especially take care of our customer’s details that must not be shared with any other. And therefore we have kept it protected by our special software.

We only want the details to check the authenticity of our customers that is true or fake. We keep proper care of your data. So you do not need to worry.

2. Completely secured data - By data we here mean the user id and password. As cybercrime is very common and therefore we take care of these data very carefully. We keep an eye on the password field. Although they are highly secured still we are aware of it.

As we know that the user id and password are the most sensitive and therefore we pay more attention to it. Apart from this, the other very important information is debit and credit cards. We assure you that your details are never disclosed by us and are in safe hands. Also, your email id, photographs, mobile number all are secured.

3. Must know about visitor’s consents - Once you agree with our privacy policy, you must know that your information is used by us to access certain information and we are sure that you must know about this fact. Accessing details does not mean that we will harm your data it’s just to check. If you have not understood the purpose of sharing the personal details, feel free to get in touch with us anytime, and get things done. And most importantly if you don't feel it safe to register your details, we hope that you do not register at the time of registration.

4. Complete assurance of the details - Fast Homes Shifting assures you that all your details are in the best of hands. None of any can misuse your information. We use high security tools to protect your data. We always say that we have a team of dedicated members that keeps on working from the security checkpoint of view also. You just need to feed your information and rest we will manage.

Answers to your queries:-

With whom are we going to share your details?

If necessary we may limit your personal information to your name, phone number, email address, location, request history, and reviews and complaints and Do this for the following purposes:

1. LAW enforcement authorities

  • In order of law enforcement officers or government officials.

  • If the division would possibly reduce our liability in real or potential litigation.

  • For investigating and or preventing any fraud or illegal activities that may include cybersecurity or other technical issues.

  • To protect our rights and services.

2. Service providers - Once you have registered with your details we will share your information with some of the trustable service providers of your place so that they can reach out to you and can get connected with you. The information sent by us includes your name, mobile number, email id, address, your current location, and the destination where to shift.

3. On your permission - As per your request, we will be sharing your details with the users or any particular service providers as per your suggestion.

For instance, it can be possible that the service providers we suggest to you, might not be your choice. And want some other service provider in that case as per your demand we share your details with some other service provider with a condition that they do not disclose your details and not misuse your details. But this is done only after your permission.

4. Third-party - To improve our website we sometimes get in touch with third-party vendors. In that case, we might share your details with other companies so that they can get in touch with you on a condition that data should not be misused and they have no right to get more involved in the personal information of our customers.

But if it is your choice and you allow them to use your information then be at your own risk. In this case, the Fast Homes Shifting is not responsive;e for your action. You will be reasonable for any situation.

Why do we need your details?

Our motto behind this is to check the authenticity of our customers. Many customers introduced them differently ( basically they are a fake customer) which later troubles us. Therefore, to complete the identification of the customer, it is necessary. We also want to know the details where you need to shift the things and that’s why we need your information.

What do we do with your details?

After getting your entire detail we process your request to the next level that is the verification step. Once it is done we look forward to providing you with our service. It is necessary to know the details of the place where the things are shifted and therefore, we go through to these details.

We gather information from the other companies around your area as per your location and then connect them with you.